This innovative scheme is an answer to a demanding brief by the residential division of ASK? developments. The usual issues of budget and profit were effectively the driving factors, but the intent of rolling out the model nationally meant that much more time was dedicated to research and development. The micro-flats were developed with extensive ergonomic investigation to establish formal limits within the constraints of the building regulations and a mock up was built in a disused warehouse to test flexibility. Simultaneously, matters of servicing and construction were discussed with engineers to develop a prototype that could be accurately costed and tested against land values and density to establish viability in a particular location. The addition of a clip-on balcony that is variously chamfered provides an animated relief to what could be a monotonous façade. The alternate sloping face of the balcony allows lines of site up, down and across the façade to neighbours. Here, two hundred of the two hundred and fifty six apartments are of the standard type, tunnel form concrete construction, the corner apartments are larger. The interior courtyard space has a robust urban feel about it, unfinished concrete gantries, galvanized metal and a massive cylindrical stair and lift core all contribute to the unique, and appropriate sensation, of efficiency and no frills.